Site Selectors are an integral part of how businesses find the right location to do business.  We know the value of the face-to-face interaction with Site Selectors and with the businesses themselves, however, here are a number of different resources for Site Selectors to help put together the right information.  As we get into Certified Mega Sites or other specific sites, we will add more information as appropriate or we will assist you in gathering the needed information.  If you can’t find the information you need, please give us a call (435-734-3331).

EDCUtah has also created an informational page for Box Elder County that can be found here.  Also, the Division of Workforce Services (DWS) creates profiles for Box Elder County and you can find the latest one here.

Utah in General: Utah has a young, educated, and growing workforce, with one of the highest population growth rates in the nation. Utah is also the youngest state in the nation with a median age of 30.2 years old, and on average enrolls over 210,000 students per year in higher education.

45-Mile Radius: In 2010, the population in the 45-Mile Radius – Brigham City, UT was 713,929!

The region has a civilian labor force of 351,448 with a participation rate of 67.3%.  Of individuals 25-64 in the 45-Mile Radius – Brigham City, 29.7% have a bachelor’s degree or higher which compares with 30.9% in the nation.

The median household income in the 45-Mile Radius – Brigham City, UT is $61,311 and the median house value is $199,452.

Unemployment: As of December 2016, Box Elder County Unemployment Rate is at 3.2%.


Underemployment: Although it is difficult to calculate, Box Elder County’s Underemployment number is _____ .


Education: 91.4% of the population has a high school degree and 22.7% have a bachelor degree or greater.  There are two high schools in the Box Elder School District (Box Elder in Brigham City and Bear River in Garland) who graduated __ students in 2016.


New Utah State University Brigham City Campus. Dedicated in December of 2015.

Local university and technical training institutions: Utah State University Brigham City Regional Campus (USU-BC) which has a campus in Tremonton as well (administered through the Brigham City Campus) and Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC) which is an extension of the Logan campus.  BATC is the group that administers the Custom Fit program which helps companies train their new/existing employees.

Labor Force: As you can see from the graph below, Box Elder County’s Labor Force has been increasing on a steady increase for many years with a few dips since 1990 (mostly because of a single large employer in the county).  Also, the recession continued to affect the Labor Force numbers with hundreds of folks going back to school.laborforce


This graph depicts the labor force by sex and age NOT participating in the labor pool in Box Elder County, Weber County (south of Box Elder County) and Cache County (east of Box Elder County. This could be thought of as potential labor force.

Labor Costs:

This graph represents the total number of jobs in Box Elder County (through Nov 2016)


Commuter Pattern: As of 2014, 13,782 drive outside the county for work, 9,224 live and work in the county, and 6,962 commute into the county from surrounding areas.  The mean travel time to work is 23.3 minutes.commuters

State of Utah Worker Flows:

Here’s a video showing 2001-2014 worker flows with a graph at the end showing the data for those years:

Demographics: In 2015, the population in Box Elder County, Utah was 52,097.  Between 2005 and 2015, the region’s population grew at an annual average rate of 1.5%.

The median household income in Box Elder County, Utah is $57,336 and the median house value is $166,200.

Interstate 84 (I-84) and 15 (I-15) intersect in Tremonton and continues south through Brigham City.


Utah is a hub to all major western cities and states, as well as a central point for distribution between the Canada and Mexico borders. Two major interstates (I-80 and I-15) and all three major rail lines leaving Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles ports meet in Salt Lake City.


I-84 leads north to Boise, Portland, and Seattle. I-84 heads south to I-80 connecting to Cheyenne and Chicago.

I-15 leads north to Idaho Falls and Helena. I-15 heads south to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

State Highways 89 and 91 intersect in Brigham City.

Hwy 89 is a main north-south local artery through the state.

Hwy 91 leads to Logan and Cache County.

Transportation Hub: Box Elder County remains an important railroad transportation hub with the Union Pacific switching station located in Brigham City and a major yard located directly south in Ogden City.

Transcontinental Rail: Home of the “Golden Spike” National Historic Site where, on May 10th, 1869, the transcontinental railroad met.

Brigham City Airport is the 4th longest airstrip in Utah with the ability to land a Boeing 737. Many private jets fly in and out of the airport accessing the great tourism related events (i.e. bird watching, duck hunting, and photo shooting).

Two Primary Commercial Airports: Salt Lake International (60 minutes) and Ogden-Hinckley Regional (25 minutes).

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church or Mormons): Even though many people don’t understand the LDS Church, we celebrate the history of the Mormon Pioneers and what they brought to this valley.  Many of the communities were settled by members of the LDS Church who came from all over the world bringing diversity to this area.  The LDS Church teaches its members to get a good education, focus on family, and work hard.  This translates to a very committed workforce who strive to improve the company they work for and themselves (for their family).  To understand more about the LDS Church, you can visit

Birding/Other Wildlife Watching: The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, recognized as the world’s greatest game bird refuge, is located in the northeast arm of the freshwater component of the Great Salt Lake near Brigham City and encompasses approximately 80,000 acres in the Bear River delta. A tremendous number of ducks (500,000) and Canada geese (5,000) are found on the Refuge each fall. In addition, roughly 75 percent of the western population of tundra swans (more than 30,000 birds) uses the Refuge for fall staging and wintering in mild years ( A true haven for bird watchers, nature lovers, bicyclists, and anyone seeking solitude in nature.

Salt Creek Wildlife Management Area’s 5,496 acres serve as important nesting, resting, and feeding habitat for a variety of bird species. Waterfowl hunting is popular during the appropriate season. A watchable wildlife site exists at the Compton Knoll area which is good for viewing waterfowl, shorebirds, and raptors during the migration seasons. Bald Eagles are visible during the winter months as they feed on carp.

Willard Bay Linda C. Higley Nature Trail located along the shores of the Willard Bay State Park, the nature trail brings visitors up close to marsh birds and bald eagles in the winter months. Harold Crane Wildlife Management Area, Wellsville Mountains Raptor Migration, Mantua Reservoir, Cutler Marsh, Docs Flat and Willard Peak (mountain goats).

Hunting: Seasonal hunting available for duck, geese, pheasants, mule deer, turkey, mountain goats, and elk (among many others).  Target Shooting: Three Mile Creek Gun Range, Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf, High Desert Precision (sniper training), skeet shooting and long-range rifle ranges. rap shooting ranges and clubs.


Tour of Utah bike race in Tremonton

Biking: Eagle’s Rise Mountain Bike Trails Mantua, miles of single-track mountain trails, Tour de Cure 100 Miler—Brigham start and finish, Tour of Utah (Utah’s primer road bike race)

Boating and Fishing: Willard Bay State Park (Provides 9,900 acres of fresh water for water sport enthusiasts and fishing which is a man-made lake created for recreation and water storage), Mantua Reservoir (a 500-acre reservoir located 15 miles east of Brigham City and offers great fishing and recreation), Bear Hollow (man-made water skiing lake in Collinston), Bear River; youth-only fishing at Pioneer Park Pond and Mayor’s Pond in Brigham City.

Camping: Willard Bay State Park; Mantua Campground–Cache National Forest; Docs Flat, Crystal Hot Springs–Honeyville; KOA–Perry City; Golden Spike RV Park Brigham City; Mountain Haven Campground–Mantua; Belmont Springs–Garland.

Snowmobiling: Docs Flat


Splashpad in Tremonton

Swimming Pools: Crystal Hot Springs, Brigham City Outdoor Pool, Box Elder High Natatorium (Brigham City), Bear River High Natatorium (Garland), Splash Pads

Land Art: Spiral Jetty (West Box Elder County), Sun Tunnels (West Box Elder County), Tremonton Murals


Train mural in Tremonton


Sports mural in Tremonton


Fire engine mural in Tremonton

Cultural Arts: Peach Days (Brigham City), Box Elder County Fair (Tremonton), Heritage Theatre (Perry City), Old Barn Theatre (Collinston), Bear River Valley Museum (Tremonton), Brigham City Museum Gallery, Brigham City Natural History Museum, The Fine Arts Center (Brigham City), Marble Park Folk Art (Bothwell), fun runs, movies in the park


Box Elder County Fairgrounds during the fair



Fair rides


Color Run


Movies in the Park

Heritage: Golden Spike National Historic Site—joining of the transcontinental railway May 10, 1869; Utah’s Official Fruit Way (Highway 89 through Willard and Perry), Brigham City Train Depot, Box Elder Tabernacle (Brigham City), Box Elder County Historic Courthouse (Brigham City); Eli Anderson Historic Buggy and Wagon Collection (Bothwell), Holmgren Historic Farm (Tremonton), Willard Stone Homes, Brigham City Coop Buildings, Northwest Band of Shoshoni Nation Sacred Sites.

Developable Land of privately-owned open space: Ample space is available near transportation hubs and Box Elder County’s mid-sized cities.  You can find some available land on the EDCUtah SureSite website.  The Box Elder Economic Development Department is also collecting available land options (which may or may not be marketed as available).  Call the department at 435-734-3331 for a full set of listings.


Open Land in northern Box Elder County

Rural/Metro: Box Elder County finds itself in a great position at the northern tip of the Wasatch Front corridor benefiting from major interstate freeways minutes to major metropolitan areas and an international airport, yet enjoys the relief from the hubbub of commuter traffic and densely populated cities.tracs


Open Spaces: National Forests, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, and Hill Field’s Air Force Range all in Box Elder County will preserve open spaces.


Holmgren Historical Farm




Recreational Waters: 1,006 square miles of water enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts.

Utah has a 5% flat rate corporate income tax, which is the 6th lowest rate in the nation (tied with two states), and 1.88% lower than the national average. Corporate income tax is an assessment levied by a state government on the profits of a company. If a company did not make any profit, they do not pay corporate income tax. There is also a national corporate income tax charged to Utah businesses between 15-35%, which is also based on profit.

State Incentives:

Utah Economic Development Tax Increment Financing (EDTIF) Explained:

EDTIF State of Utah Incentives overview pdf

EDTIF Search State Incentive awardees 

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit (Most of Box Elder County fits in this program)

Recycling Zone (Most of Box Elder County fits in this program)

Rural Fast Track Grant (Most of Box Elder County fits in this program)

Local Incentives:

Local Tax Increment Financing (TIF) For an explanation, click here


Companies benefit from energy costs that are 26% below the national average and third lowest in the U.S.