At the heart of advanced materials manufacturing, yet free of the commuter headache, Box Elder County is part of the Composites and Aerospace of Northern Utah (CANU) team where over 30 advanced composites and aerospace companies reside within a 25-mile radius along the Wasatch Front. With a highly educated workforce, industry and government partners, supply chain sources, and amazing mountain trails and valley floors for your away-from work recreation and relaxation, no wonder Box Elder County is the center of manufacturing in the west.

The most recent CANU Event (June 2018) featured a group from the United Kingdom coming over and visiting northern Utah.  You can see the video here:

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Maker of automobile airbags, Autoliv North America began as a spinoff many years ago from another company which located in Box Elder County called Morton-Thiokol known today as Orbital ATK.  The company has grown from one location in the county to three:  Promontory which makes the igniters, Tremonton the ITL, and Brigham City the inflators. Two other locations are in neighboring Weber County where the parts are assembled and the Technical Center which has responsibility for all of the Utah operations and employs advanced engineers with new ideas for Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.

We stayed here because of the good workforce.  The technology was here. We were able to establish manufacturing and maintain manufacturing.  We did not need to go to Mexico with the Kaizen mentality which we learned from Toyota—continuous improvement—the plants in Box Elder have taken that on and continue to meet and exceed demand and will exist continuously.  We have a very good relationship here.  Across Utah we employ almost 5000 and approximately 2100 employees in Box Elder. 

Carl Woodward, Director of HR, Autoliv North America

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