We are excited to be involved in the next division from P&G…Baby Care…Welcome!  We are excited you are here and hope to see you grow like Family Care has grown.  It was fun to hear words like, “The magic of Box Elder” and “The Decision was easy” and “Manufacturing of excellence” and “You are raising the standard of excellence here at this plant.”  We are hopeful this is the beginning of many more ribbon cuttings. 🙂

Commissioner Jeff Scott was able to take a few minutes to discuss the impact P&G has had on our area and he did a fantastic job pointing out not only the economic impact but the way the company encourages and supports the time impact of their employees, volunteering in the local Box Elder Chamber as well as in places like the Boys and Girls Club.  Great job, Commissioner!

One of the last phrases we heard when talking about the local city, county, and state government support was to, “Please count on us…we count on you.”  Thank you, P&G!  We do count on you and you have done a fantastic job in the way you have grown, the jobs you have brought, and the culture that fits our county so well.  This place is one of the cleanest manufacturing plants in the state (if not the country) but the way you treat our residents is amazing.  Thank you…we are counting on you to keep up the great work!